Migraines And Men

Yes, men get migraines too! In fact around 5% of men across the world suffer from migraines. 70% of men with migraines go undiagnosed* and do not have a clear understanding of their condition. Migraines in men are just as painful and draining as they are in women- however not much is heard from male migraine sufferers.

Morry, a long time chronic migraine sufferer shared his migraine story with us. He talks about dealing with migraines on a daily basis and how that led to him leaving his job. Read more here:

I Changed My Life To Adapt To My Migraine Condition- Morry’s Story

Read more: Migraine Buddy conducted a study on how migraines affect men and women. You can read more about that here:

Understanding Migraines: The Gender Divide

Men and migraines

*Source: Migraine Again:http://migraineagain.com/men/